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1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

Body Style — Four-seater Coupe
Colour — Blue Tourbillon
Engine — 4.4-litre V12
Transmission — 5-speed manual
Drive — Rear
Power — 239 kW @ 6,600 rpm
Torque — 417 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
Kms — 70,401
Price — SOLD
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  • Pure elegance

    Pure elegance

    There’s a long-held view among supercar aficionados that the 2+2 or four-seat version of a coupe will never be as pretty as its short-wheelbase stablemate. But when you take your first look at a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, that theory appears to go straight out the window.  The occasional four-seater version of the vaunted 365 may not have the visual brutality of the famed 365 Daytona (which sold alongside the 2+2) but it does sport seriously elegant proportions and magnificent detailing, both of which help it hide its almost five-metre length. And, of course, it really couldn’t be anything but a Pininfarina Ferrari.

  • Breaking tradition

    Breaking tradition

    The GT 2+2 was not just about squeezing in a small rear seat, though. The 4.4-litre V12 engine and five-speed manual transmission were givens, but the model broke new ground be being the first four-seat Ferrari to offer independent suspension at each corner. Finally, Enzo had caved in to the modernists and ditched the leaf-sprung rear end his cars had favoured for so long. The GT 2+2 went even further by using an air-operated ride-levelling system as well.

  • Touring pretensions

    Touring pretensions

    The car’s touring pretensions were underscored by its standard equipment. Power windows were fitted, the leather trim was sumptuous and power-assisted steering was a factory feature (amid shrieks of horror from the purists). This was also one of the first Ferraris with optional air-conditioning.

  • Award winning car

    Award winning car

    Despite the theoretical disadvantage of having four seats, the GT 2+2 convinced buyers to vote with their feet and this was actually the most popular variant in the 365 line-up at the time. That said, the car is still a rarity in right-hand-drive form and, in fact, this is one of just 52 examples made in RHD in the model’s four years of production. This example has also been the subject of an award-winning restoration and presents as such.

  • Features:


    Features include: Power-assisted steering, leather trim, wire wheels, power windows, upgraded sound system, five-speed manual transmission, independent suspension, ride-levelling.

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