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2008 Ferrari 599

Body Style — Coupe
Colour — Grigio Silverstone
Engine — 6.0-litre V12
Transmission — 6-speed dual-clutch
Drive — Rear
Power — 456 kW @ 7,200 rpm
Torque — 608 Nm @ 5,600 rpm
Kms — 8,707
Price — SOLD
Stock Number — U34819
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  • Love at First Sight

    Love at First Sight

    Front-engined, V12-powered supercars have long been a Ferrari staple. In fact, the company grew to prominence on the back of this very layout with Enzo Ferrari’s most successful early road and race cars using this layout to devastating effect. So, when Ferrari chose the Geneva Motor Show of 2006 to unveil its latest take on the classic layout, there were never any doubts about the new car being the headline act of the show. And as the covers came off, the all-new Ferrari 599 did not disappoint. That said it wasn’t until 2008 that buyers finally got hold of the ignition keys, and this car is one of those early examples.

  • Enough Said

    Enough Said

    Beneath the Pinninfarina-styled body lies Ferrari’s first aluminium chassis in a road-car. That not only gives the 599 lightness to make the most of its ripping engine, but also the stiffness to ensures safe and secure handling when travelling at its 300 km/h-plus top speed. And just in case you thought the styling was simply the automotive equivalent of a pretty face, the designers claimed at the time that the 599 could generate 160 kg of downforce at 299 km/h.

  • V12 to the Max

    V12 to the Max

    The V12 was remarkable not for just what it could do, but also for the fact that it was the most powerful engine fitted to any series production Ferrari model to that point in history. Even today, its specific output of more than 75 kW per litre is utterly remarkable for an engine that does not rely on forced induction of any kind.

  • Interior Beauty

    Interior Beauty

    This car uses the dual-clutch 6-speed transmission with paddle-shifters for fast, decisive shifting as well as day-to-day convenience, while the adaptive dampers also increase its range of abilities both on the track and in the real world. This particular car is also highly optioned with many interior additions in carbon-fibre and premium leather.

  • Features:


    Features: Daytona seats, carbon-fibre lower cabin trim, carbon-ceramic brake system, Rosso extended leather, yellow brake callipers, carbon-fibre steering wheel with LEDs, rear parking sensors, 20-inch monolithic rims, leather headliner and rear shelf, keyless entry and start, cruise-control, powered front seats.

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