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2018 Lotus Exige Sport 410 Manual

Body Style — Coupe
Colour — Solid Yellow
Engine — 6-cylinder Petrol Supercharged 3.5L
Transmission — 6-speed manual
Drive — Rear
Power — 305 kW @ 7,000 rpm
Torque — 420 Nm @ 3,000-7000 rpm
Kms — 4,050
Price — $159,900 plus ORC
Stock Number — U34732
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  • Mini Le Mans Racer

    Mini Le Mans Racer

    Think of the Lotus Exige Sport 410 as a scaled-down Le Mans race-car from the glory days of sports-car racing, and you’re probably getting close to the flavour at work here. Not only does the Lotus have the looks to conjure up images of the Mulsanne Straight and champagne being sprayed, it also has the dynamic smarts to back up that mood.

  • Rides Like a Cloud

    Rides Like a Cloud

    The supercharged, intercooled V6 is mid-mounted, making the Exige 410 a strict two-seater but also giving it fabulous weight distribution and natural balance. With more than 400 horsepower (305 kW to be exact) in a car weighing just on 1,100 kg (thanks to the extensive use of aluminium and carbon-fibre) it’s easy to see why the straight-line performance is just as shattering as the Exige’s ability to carve through corners.

  • Old School Tricks

    Old School Tricks

    In many ways, the Lotus is old-school, too, including the conventional six-speed manual transmission with its evocative exposed shifter mechanism in the cabin. And in other ways – namely the cutting-edge aerodynamic package – the Exige Sport is right at the sharp end of road-car technology. In true race-car fashion, the aero package actually provides positive downforce.

  • Perfect for the Track

    Perfect for the Track

    If a lithe, lively car that offers a truly tactile, pure driving experience with a high performance ceiling is on your short list, then there’s no doubt the Lotus Exige Sport 410 should also make it to that list. In fact, as a track-day car that can also cut it on the street, they don’t really come any better or sharper than the Lotus.

  • Features:


    Features include: Keyless entry and start, rear parking sensors, Led lighting, Alcantara race seats, tyre-pressure monitoring, full aero-package, selectable drive modes, electronic rear differential, 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels.

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