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2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS 53 AMG

Body Style — Sedan
Colour — Black
Engine — 3.0-litre inline six, turbocharged electric motor
Transmission — 9-speed automatic
Drive — All
Power — 320 kW @ 6,100 rpm
Torque — 520 Nm @ 1,800 rpm
Kms — 10,188
Price — SOLD
Stock Number — U35072
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  • First Place

    First Place

    There is simply no way a famous brand like Mercedes-AMG is going to get left behind technically. But when you look at the driveline specification of the CLS 53 AMG, you can see that it’s clearly the opposition that should be worried about getting left sitting in the dust.

  • Crafted to Perfection

    Crafted to Perfection

    The CLS 53 takes a very technically interesting route on the way to making a four-door coupe perform like a true luxury-performance car, but the technology is applied so skillfully, that you never get the sense that you’re driving somebody else’s science experiment.

  • The Full Experience

    The Full Experience

    The experience begins with a three-litre six-cylinder engine that marks the return of the inline-six to the Benz fold. There’s a turbocharger to boost power as well as an electrically-powered compressor to fill in any torque gaps during gear-changes. But even that wasn’t enough for AMG, which further engineered the car to be a mild hybrid, that is; a car that uses an integrated electric motor which can recoup otherwise lost energy during braking as well as provide an extra 250 Nm of torque when leaving from rest to eliminate turbo-lag. If it sounds complex, it is, but again, it’s sophisticated to the point of invisibility on the road.

  • AMG Force

    AMG Force

    It’s a very different take to previous AMG coupes which relied on brute force to make their point. But while the CLS 53 relies on brains over brawn, with additions such as air suspension, a nine-speed automatic, all-wheel-drive and adaptive dampers, there’s never any doubt that you’re driving an AMG.

  • Features:


    Features include:  AMG body kit, all-wheel-drive, mild-hybrid driveline, navigation, full connectivity, virtual dashboard, nine-speed automatic transmission, leather, powered seats, dual-zone climate control, adaptive dampers, selectable drive modes, keyless entry and start, autonomous braking, active cruise-control, ambient lighting, adjustable air suspension, sunroof.

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